One of the things I love about my work as a portrait photographer is the transformative aspects of it. Even during a single session, I watch my clients completely change and step into this next level version of themselves that is unmistakable. As I started really digging into that, a mentor asked me “Cat, what might the impact BE if you walked alongside them on this journey for six months or a year?! What would THAT transformation look like????”

It looks amazing is what it looks like.

I started with the idea of working with a couple of women from different age groups and backgrounds. The idea behind it being that at no matter the stage we are in our lives, the influence of my guidance and the intention of transformation being that guiding light, what kind of affect might a six month journey look like? Who could we step into being with that kind of attention?

Mandy (photographed above) is a makeup artist. She has just turned 40 and wants to step into this next decade in appreciation. She is a mother and a professional, and always has her ish together! Well, as she journaled and we talked for her session, it became very apparent to me that the beginning of her transformation was to embrace the chaos of the unknown and I asked her to remove her full face of makeup and brush out her hair, and even wear a dress that didn’t fit her. At first I thought she might even leave, but she gasped, collected herself, and then embraced that moment.

I realize that she was able to do that because she trusted me. She knows me. She works with me. So, of course it was easier for her to trust my skills and ability to see beyond great wardrobe and flawless makeup. It is so easy for us all to be photographed when we are at our best, well, by comparison anyway. Here’s the thing though, each of us is at a different place in our lives. It could be chaotic, or completely complacent! Or maybe we just desire to be more even though we don’t quite know what that is yet.

Y’all, I am here to tell you that we are all here to be more. To expand into the container so that we can push through it to bring more of our light and heart into the world. That we are here to be mothers and fathers, to be executives, to be in crisis or at the top of the world, but we can always be more and I would be honored to guide you along in this journey, if even for a short while to usher you into that next version of you who would love nothing less than to be more whole in who you are as a person. In fact, I welcome that opportunity.

If you can trust my guidance, intuition, and vision for you, or even have a conversation to discern whether or not that is the case, I would love to meet you. Reach out below.

We are all starting this journey from somewhere; good, bad, indifferent. I would love to create that story with you.



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  • Six month commitment

  • 1:1 conversations once per month

  • Personal Journaling (Homework)

  • Six Photo Sessions in our Asheville Portrait studio

  • In person review and ordering session

  • A portfolio of imagery (12 images) of your transformation following completion

Mandy’s Transform Folio below (in real time)