How Will You Embrace Your Best Self?

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We are THRILLED to be traveling in 2018 for destination couture photo shoots in the coming months! In addition to being available for stateside travel and hosting beautiful portrait shoots here in western North Carolina, we are taking limited bookings in Phoenix, Arizona September 1-10 for photographers studying the Sue Bryce Education business model. For these photo shoots we are offering the same incredible service and transformation that we offer here in our photo studio! Personal styling consultation to design your photo shoot to how you're envisioning being photographed, wonderful hair and makeup artistry, in studio and on location for a day of shooting (even in Phoenix in September haha), private photo reveal to choose your favorites for your order, archival images matted within a beautiful folio box for an heirloom keepsake your great, great grandchildren will thank you for.

If you're interested in our Queen Branding opportunities, we will discuss your business and marketing model in detail prior to your shoot. These sessions are perfect for the women ready to uplevel their empire building businesses. You are changing the lives of everyone that you serve. Isn't it time you SHOWED them how they can be living and creating empires of their own? You will still receive the incredible portraiture in folio but we will also be focusing on HOW you want to be portrayed IN your business. It is your time to SHINE. Frankly, it is time to show your audience your best self. There is NO other way to capture the clientele you are after than to SHOW them how living in your shoes will make their lives better. 

No matter the purpose, the bottom line is YOU.  It is the PERFECT time to step into the best version of yourself and showcase everything that is wonderful about you. Your femininity, your power, your grace, all of it simply leads to defining your life on your own terms and that begins with showing you your own beauty.

Get OUT of your own way, already. Stop wondering if you're good enough. Stop wondering when would be the "right" time. Stop wondering if and when and how. You're good enough today. Right this very moment. It's time to step into your best self and create a legacy you're proud of that serves not only the world, but you and the people that you love.

As a Photographer, you certainly SHOULD experience a full session with someone who has the expertise and experience to care for you. Do we all trade sessions from time to time? Sure, but it is never the same as an equal exchange to experience a transformational session. There is nothing like it.

Are you asking yourself, "OK, how do I get more information about this? It sounds incredible!" Simply fill out the contact form below and we will move forward from there! Maybe you're asking yourself "OK, how much is this? It's too good to be true." I will say this. These shoots are not for the fast and furious couple of shots. There are plenty of photographers that can create that for you. These are personally designed sessions that are tailored to celebrating you and/or your business and life. Are we expensive? To some. Others tell me we should be charging more. These dream shoots begin at $3100 US and they are worth every. single. penny.

I can't wait to photograph you!




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Destination Portrait Experience

Waking up before the sun because you know the light will be splendid and no one else will be crowding the beautiful places of this amazing city. Arriving at the studio to enjoy the perfect pampering to create your most beautiful look, and then you see yourself in the mirror...don't you look just stunning?!

You get dressed in your magnificent gown and you can't even believe this is real, that this is happening and we race away to the first location and arrive just as the sun is beginning to rise. The streets are quiet and it is only you surrounded by this amazing architecture only available here, in this incredible city.

We place you in the setting, this beautiful place, we pick at every detail to be sure everything is in place. You dance, we direct you, ensuring you are impeccable in every way. It is happening! It is the photo shoot only models dream of having, until now. Now you are the star. Isn't it amazing?

As the sun has risen and you have danced in these beautiful streets, it is time to go back to the beautiful rented flat. Where again, new makeup, more pampering, and more outfits you've been putting together for weeks, or even waiting for years to wear it for the right occasion. Now is the time.

We stop for a bite. Light fare, perhaps even champagne to celebrate before arriving at the photo studio. Then in the studio, we spend time creating amazing portraiture for you and the people you love for generations to come. We laugh, all day we laugh. It is the adventure of a lifetime, to love yourself so, so much. You are worthy. You deserve to cherish and celebrate YOU. Step out from behind the camera. Declare and create your legacy with us.

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No matter your intention, whether for personal or business we will create imagery of you that you will be proud to share. Contact us below for your personal consultation. It isn't too late.

We hate SPAM as much as you do and your privacy is important to us. Your information will never be given or sold to a third party.

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