This last year I’ve worked really hard on trying to see everything about me as a positive instead of listing off tons of negatives. Working with Cat helped push me even more into the right direction.
What I enjoyed most was being around someone who cared about her art as much as I care about mine. It was so comforting being photographed by someone who got it and wants nothing but the best for me. There was never a point when I didnt feel I was being treated with kindness and respect.
I have always loved being photographed, but I’ve never had an experience that can touch the one I had with Cat. Cat isn’t just a photographer, she is an artist. In the world of being a singer, there are constant pressures to lose weight, show more skin, be prettier. Instead of telling me that I needed to do those things, Cat told me to “Drink water. Stay healthy, I’ll take care of the rest.” How refreshing it was to hear that. Cat offered nothing except praise during the shoot. In that three hour timespan she doubled my confidence. The only other thing that has managed to do that is my music. No matter what happens in the future, I know that I will always remember that dreary Monday in August as one of my happiest memories.
-Izzi Hughes, Class of 2018 and Professional Singer
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