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Jody called on us after hearing that Associate Photographer Katie Richard had joined the team. She had known Katie a few years prior and knew she’d need new marketing collateral to update her personal branding and voila!

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Jody’s Testimonial

I’ve had many experiences with professional photographers - all men. Working with women allowed me a level of trust that I have never experienced before. I knew that if a hair was out of place or if my bra strap was peeking out that it would be caught. Beyond that my most favorite pics were the one’s I least expected to take or even like. At my reveal I was blown away. You captured something in me that no one else has ever been able to do. You brought out how I feel when I am my absolute best self. I have an incredible headshot but I also have a series of photos that I can look and (and display if I choose) that I’m really in love with and proud of. I don’t look and them and say oh I wish my body was thinner or that my face wasn’t so round. You captured me in all of my glory. I will be eternally grateful because without even realizing, it was exactly what I needed at that exact time in my life.

- Jody Evans

During Jody’s photo shoot both Katie and Cat both photographed her and what a way to celebrate the different perspectives of someone. To each of us, Jody is beautiful, and inspiring and yet we both still captured her a bit differently to showcase different facets of who she is as a woman, as a professional, and as a mother. Thank you for trusting us with your portraiture, Jody. It was our honor.