Sue Bryce Master Class, January 2017

In January, Cat was invited alongside 6 other amazing photographers to participate in a master class, led by Sue in her Los Angeles portrait studio. During the master class, Cat spent a full day photographing the beautiful Amanda Rouse while being broadcast live to an audience of over 500. They were given full access to Sue's incredible studio wardrobe and created some incredible imagery together.

On day two of the master class, the 7 photographers led by Sue addressed how to not only expand their businesses but created goals to create a sustainable future in their businesses and were then named by Sue as leaders in the field of portrait photography. As I write this here, it still almost doesn't seem real. With certainty and conviction I have not only built a successful portrait studio here in the mountains of North Carolina, but I have been recognized as a leader in my field by THE leader in my field of portrait photography. It is surreal and empowering and I am so grateful to Sue and her mentorship these past three years. I am looking forward to continuing along this path and learning from Sue every day. Her teachings have not only made me a better photographer, a better business owner, but a better person.

Thank you, Sue.

You can read about Cat's journey to where she is today on Sue Bryce's blog, here.

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Personal Study with Sue Bryce in Paris, France 2016

BTS images taken by Lauren Gregory

BTS images taken by Lauren Gregory

Sue Bryce Paris Workshop, April 2016

In April of 2016, Cat studied in Paris, France under her mentor Sue Bryce. The leading authority of soulful portraiture. She continues to regularly study with Sue to master her craft of photography in; posing, midset, and business. Quite simply, this study has helped to up-level Cat's ability to not only take incredible portraits within her market but, has helped shaped her life. Sharing this experience and imagery is a way to honor this experience. The imagery below was taken during her 2016 classwork in France. 

sue bryce - cat ford-coates - caity copley - mentors - paris workshop 2016
sue bryce workshop 2016 paris
mentoring - beautiful portraits - outdoor
ibws - in bed with sue - boudoir
sue bryce - caity copley - caitlin timmins - paris workshop
estico - mens portraits - workshop with sue bryce - paris france
alice prenat - sue bryce workshop - portrait of a woman
portrait of a woman - paris - sue bryce workshop
sue bryce - workshop - education