Fitness Portraiture with Cat Ford-Coates

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Fitness portraiture with cat ford-coates

You show up to work out every single day. You watch your food intake and occasionally, enjoy a donut (c'mon...we ALL love a good donut), and then you burn it off again. You organize your personal schedule based on your fitness schedule, and you look and feel better than you have in YEARS. 

Maybe you're competing? You're hoping the photographer at your event will catch at least one decent shot while you're on stage. To be honest, that is incredibly likely. Is it the image you want? Is it the image you hope your children will be proud of when they talk about you to their kids in forty years? Or would you rather create actual portraiture celebrating this time in your life? Portraits that showcase not only your physique, but YOU. 

Look, if you're in it just for the event photographer's shot, by all means, GO for it. But if you aren't competing and just hustling hard and want to celebrate that, if you want to create a legacy to not only document your effort, journey, and success to set an example for others; for your friends, your kids, others in your circle, then give me a ring for your own personal consultation. We will design a magazine style fitness session based on your desires, and goals. 

I look forward to photographing you.




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