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Cat Ford-Coates mentoring students during a folio build event at Sue Bryce Education in March 2018. Image courtesy of Rosaura Sandoval

Cat Ford-Coates mentoring students during a folio build event at Sue Bryce Education in March 2018. Image courtesy of Rosaura Sandoval

Folio Build Mentoring in Holland, May 2019

You don't have the first hand experience yourself to offer that confident direction to execute your vision. You watch all the videos online but really need that in person guidance to understand just how to create EPIC photo sessions for your clients? Cat Ford-Coates is offering in person folio builds in Amsterdam this Spring.

Look, you can spend the next year working TFP with models and anyone who might sit for you, fielding no shows, reschedules, & cancellations and hoping you can experiment enough during the shoot to really communicate and nail your vision OR you can come create the portfolio you WANT to create to showcase your work with in person guidance and knowledge from a professional.

Are you in the EU and constantly wishing there were more of a portrait presence in education? Posing, lighting, styling, and even business guidance? Cat Ford-Coates is hosting a folio-build mentoring day in May of 2019 in Amsterdam and you are invited! You already know that you can’t sell your work at a professional level until you’ve created a portfolio that you LOVE. Let’s create that portfolio NOW!

What is included in your Mentorship?

  • One full day in studio with Cat Ford-Coates

    • Seating limited to 3 students per day. Intimacy is a requirement in order for you to receive the full benefit of working with Cat; full attention, the time to work through the day with ease and focus as well as the time needed for you to really curate and nail your images.

  • Private facebook group to connect with other students and with Cat before, during, and following the Holland mentoring

  • Morning:

    • catered breakfast with Cat & team

    • folio build shooting natural light

  • Afternoon:

    • break for catered lunch

    • folio build shooting strobe

  • Over 100 dresses to choose from to style your model

  • Professional hair and makeup artists

PRICE $2500

  • $2500 paid in full or two payments of $1300.

  • Balance must be received prior to April 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this mentoring be shooting and retouching?

    • We will be shooting throughout the day. Our goal is to have you leave with 1-3 SOLID images from each setup. There will be a private Facebook group where you can post questions and versions of your retouch for feedback. We will not be going over retouching in a step by step format during the in-person mentoring.

  • Will we be masterminding or discussing business at all?

    • Not formally. This mentoring is specifically for people who want the firsthand experience of these portrait sessions so they can recreate them with confidence in their own studios. You are welcome to book Cat for additional mentoring to discuss specific business and marketing challenges.

  • How will the day be organized?

    • The max # of students per day is 3 for a reason. Cat wants to insure that you have her full attention. In a group of 3 one of you will be shooting while the other two assist, and Cat will help you style and direct the session while she gives guidance around flow posing and seeing each of the components as an aspect of the entire vision.

  • How many models will we be shooting?

    • The models themselves are still being decided however, the goal is to have several demographics represented during your sessions so that you are able to show your audience beautiful imagery they can identify with and SEE THEMSELVES IN (to book you ;-) )

      • All of the demographics listed are not guaranteed nor are they the only being considered

    • An example of the demographics Cat is casting to represent:

      • sisters/mother-daughter

      • curves

      • Afro-Dutch or someone of non-white descent

      • 50+

      • 20-something

      • and a few surprises ;-)

  • Are meals included?

    • Yes; breakfast and lunch

  • Are flight and accommodations included?

    • No.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s get to work.

Who is Cat Ford-Coates?

Cat Ford-Coates is an American portrait photographer based in western North Carolina, US. She has been in business since 2012, personally mentored by Sue Bryce since 2016, and mentoring her own photography clients since 2017. She has mentored at workshops in Los Angeles, California, North Carolina, and Venice, Italy and is now bringing her down-to-earth teaching style to Holland. Feel free to reach out with any questions using the form below. She doesn’t bite.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Price for appointment is $2500

    • payment can be made in two installments for an additional $100 ($1300 and $1300)

    • The secondary payment must be paid at by April 1, 2019. Failure to pay the balance due will result in your reservation and you will not receive a refund of deposit. 

    • Cancellations: If you need to cancel after any payment is made, regardless of reason, you are responsible for selling your reservation in order to receive a refun.

      • If you require help in finding the replacement for your seat we require an administration fee of $100.

      • If we find your replacement, the payment will be refunded to you with the administrative fee of $100 deducted from that total.

      • In the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled, you will be notified as soon as possible, and any fees or deposits received from you will be refunded. Any travel or accommodation costs will not be refunded for cancelled courses. 

    • Attendees are responsible for their own travel and medical insurance. 

    • Cat Ford-Coates is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to property arising from incidents occurring at the training venue.

    • Attendees must not film or record the workshop at any time without permission.