$5000 DID YOU SAY?

Why yes, yes I did. Y’all, Monday June 10th is my birthday. And instead of asking you to donate to a non-profit on Facebook, though of course you are more than welcome to (I LOVE Brother Wolff Animal Rescue), I thought instead of receiving that for my birthday this year I would offer up a $5000 gift voucher toward a portrait session at Studio 828 Photography. Sure, I could’ve offered a smaller amount but I really wanted this gift to be more than just special. You can enter up until 11:59PM on June 10th (My ACTUAL birth TIME even!) and we will do a drawing on our Facebook page live at 1:00 Tuesday June 11th!!! Good Luck!!!

birthday giveaway - Asheville photographer - photo contest

What’s Included?

  • I want to include professional hair and makeup styling with your favorite people.

  • I want to include a personal design consultation so that I can craft a beautiful portrait session just for you

  • I want to include beautiful dresses and fabrics that are perfect for YOUR portrait session

  • I want to include time with me in my studio alone or with your favorite people to get past the fluff and small talk so that the imagery we create is powerful and sincere

  • I want to include beautiful artwork for your home that your family will cherish for generations

heirloom - mother daughter - win a portrait session - photo shoot

What’s the catch?

Whats the catch? Well, nobody just hands $5000 away for no good reason right? Hey, it’s my birthday, I’ll do what I want! haha! Seriously though, there are a couple proverbial strings but I promise, nothing you can’t handle I’m sure.

  • Must complete the form below to enter

  • Must be willing to shoot before the end of July 2019

  • Everyone present in your session must sign off on a model’s release

  • Must be open to photo and video during and after your session

Sound good?