I’m so glad that you are going to join us
March 9-14, 2019 in Costa Rica!

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Please note that if you pick either of the two payment plan options, you are responsible for paying the remainder of the fee on the timeline described.

The imagery here are courtesy of the accommodations we’ll be staying in. :-) (There’s even a pool)

  • Airfare to and from Ashevile, NC

  • Accommodations in a shared room (twin bed)

  • Transportation to and from Costa Rican airport

    • We will be renting transportation for the duration (Tahoe adventures anyone?)

  • Witty banter

  • A welcome “party” mixer to get to know one another (beer, wine, light fare) and/or reconnect

  • Democratic adventuring around the area

  • An evening out to dinner (with everyone) to celebrate this adventure!

Costa Rica 2019
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Set in the jungle and less than 500m from the beach, and 4 km to Puerto Viejo this setting is perfection! Whether you’re shooting for exploration, for fun, for dawn sunrises, or simply as a passtime. What an adventure! Let’s go play! Feel free to reach out with questions.

Costa Rican Adventure FAQ

  • Do I need a passport?

    • Yes

  • Can I change my payment if I am not flying in/out of Asheville

    • Yes. Email booking@studio-828.com to address separately

  • What do I bring?

    • Shorts, jeans, boots, raingear, bathing suit, batteries, charger, ALL the memory cards, regular medications, sunglasses, etc.

  • Do I need an electrical outlet converter?

    • Costa Ricans use 110V however most places do not have grounding so bring any adaptors you might need for your three-pronged needs (laptops, etc.)

  • How are rooms arranged?

    • Each person will be sharing a room with another attendee. If you’re interested in staying in a room with someone in particular that can be arranged. Each of the rooms has two twins (separately) or pushed together, a king.

  • How are we handling meals?

    • Once we’re out of the airport and on the road (about an hour and a half I’m told) we’ll stop for grocery shopping. On the first night my team and I will create some light appetizers and host a “mixer” in the house and by the pool (weather permitting) so that we can all get reaquainted, maybe a little beer and wine (Whisky perhaps, Jim?). We will also do a night out to dinner that will be included in your package as well (the “WHERE” can be determined upon arrival). Otherwise we’ll all be handling food on our own accord based around our schedule on the day. Snacks and packed lunches are HIGHLY recommended.

  • How is luggage determined?

    • Your package pricing includes one checked bag out of Asheville Regional airport. Additional luggage will be at the airline price (usually $25-50 per bag dependent upon the carrier and weight)