#comeasyouareavl is a personal portrait study in black and white by photographer, Cat Ford-Coates. The exhibition was showcased at Epione Integrative Healing Center through January of 2018.

"My purpose around this portrait study is to take people exactly as they are and reflect their beauty back to them in their portraiture. No added hair and makeup or personal styling like you would find in my portrait work at the studio. Just diffused light, a backdrop, and the subject. It was fascinating and I am quite proud of this series." - Cat Ford-Coates


about the study

As a portrait photographer, I love studying the face, body language. It is sort of my version of my own anthropology. It is documenting the human condition. I also happen to love light and creating something so special for people. This is my way of not only expanding my own vision and the boundaries of my skills, but also my way of giving back to the community.



The works chosen will be showcased at our "Be-You-Tiful" open house on October 20th and in an exhibition at Epione Integrated Healing Clining November - January.

Closing Reception is Saturday January 20 5-8pm at Epione Integrated Health




Shooting for this series is closed.  

comasyouareavl - seeing your portrait for the first time - portrait photographer