I like to joke with Emily that the future isn't female, NOW is female. As women we keep looking forward to when we might be allowed to be seen as equals. I disagree with that psychology 100%. Why are we waiting for permission? Don't ladies. Don't wait for permission to shine. Be amazing. You already are so its time it was recognized don't you think?

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Meet Emily Breedlove. When I titled this post "Personal Branding for a western North Carolina Powerhouse" it wasn't an exaggeration. Emily is a force in the entrepreneurial and professionals sector championing the betterment for the economic ecosystem here in Asheville. She is the President of FemCity Asheville, she just accepted a position as the Executive Director of Hatch AVL, she works with the Toastmasters, 1 million cups, and I can't even keep up. She IS EVERYWHERE. Oh and did I mention that she is a wife, a mother of two amazing kids, and runs her own business too? Yeah, it's like that. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed in my business and wearing all the hats I think of Emily and realize just how good I have it.

When Emily reached out about booking in on her personal branding photo shoot I was so excited! We both serve together on the FemCity Asheville board so I'd had an opportunity to get to know her and we immediately clicked. My husband calls ME a whirlwind and well together, Emily and I are a freaking HURRICANE. 

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Her work in championing economic development here in western North Carolina really is unparalleled in the entrepreneurial community. Her coaching practice alone helps women entrepreneurs step into their power and appreciate that their businesses are making not only an impact here in our community but in the global community as well.

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Emily, thank you so much for the opportunity to bring your personal brand to the next level. I love how you show up in the world and I look forward to watching you take flight.

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  • Client: Emily Breedlove, Small Town Ventures

  • Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

  • Hair & Makeup: Wendy Ballance of Blush Asheville

Are you interested in bringing your brand to the next level? I would love to chat with you about how your visual brand not only attracts but communicates to your audience. If you're still riding on the cell phone snap at the park, we should chat and soon. Reach out. I would love to photograph you.



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