belgian portrait photographer wendy decraemer - zoom fotoatelier

Wendy DeCraemer of Zoom Foto Atelier is one of those women you just want to hug and share in all her excitement and zest for life. Truly. The passion this woman encases for her work is almost unparallelled. A natural artist and fellow creator is not a title I gift lightly. I feel as though there are entrepreneurs and there are artists. Wendy is an artist.

She and I share a similar path in artistry; love of oil painting, drawing, painting with light, and the excitement that comes when our visions come to life in our work. I admire this woman so much and am so grateful to have photographed her in London for our Queen Branding sessions this January.

I love watching you soar my dear!!!!

laughter - portrait artist - photographer

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with certainty and conviction - womens portrait photographer