She is growing up, isn't she?

It was just yesterday that you were changing diapers and sleeping at two hour intervals (if you were lucky) and then this morning, in the rush of packing lunches, finding car keys, brushing teeth, ensuring socks matched, and books were packed she looked up at you to remind you about her ballet class after school and you thought "Who is this?"... Staring back at you was this person, no longer a baby (she'll always be your baby) but not yet a woman. She is growing up, isn't she?

"Who is this?"

She is everything! She is; smart, kind, energetic, lovable, talented, beautiful, shy, curious, unsure, empathetic, charismatic, skilled, soulful, powerful and everything in between. 

God, how do you stop time? How do you show her everything she is and could be? How do you protect her from the world? How do you empower her to be her best self? 

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You show her.

You let her BE all of those things and more.

She is perfect exactly as she is, right this very second. You see it. I see it. Let's show her together. Book your personal consultation today and we will design a photo shoot just for your daughter where we create incredible portraits for you to cherish, for her to cherish, and for her children to cherish as well.

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