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When Audrey came in for her consultation, she was telling me about the types of imagery that she was thinking of for her boudoir photo shoot, and had brought a vintage item (she's a vintage reseller and loves all things with a history) that she was considering using for her session. When women come to me for boudoir there is always a pause because while I love shooting in the boudoir genre, I don't really shoot like a "boudoir photographer". I am a portrait photographer through and through and whether you're in your skivvies, or a potato sack I will photograph you and it will look fantastic! 

Is that to say wardrobe isn't essential? Of course not! Wardrobe CAN make or break a photo shoot so, when I say that it doesn't matter if you're in your underwear or a potato sack, what I MEAN is that it's all about the eyes; your connection with yourself and with my camera. Boudoir photography, primarily is about the details; the bootie, the shoes, the arch of the back. I don't typically use props or whatever either. I find that usually (for me anyway) creates sort of a contrary portrait at best. That isn't to say that we can capture a vintage or pinup feel within your imagery, it just means I'm not going to go all candy pop crazy on your shoot to create it. We'll bring it out more subtly.

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As you can already see, Audrey has vintage written all over her! It emanates from her she's the epitome of 1954 in a modern world. I think its a secret or she's a superhero. Don't tell anyone, ok? ;-)

At any rate, during our conversation I asked her what her WHY was. Why was it important for her to do this photo shoot? And why was it important for her to do this NOW? And, as most people do she just sort of looked at me blankly for a moment and said..."Oh God, I'm gonna have to think about that. Thats a pretty heavy question..." Yes. Yes it is. It is also crucial for me to know that, especially when you're booking something so personal as a boudoir session for me to understand your WHY in order to design your session FOR you. Ladies, I'm not JUST here to point a camera at you and hope for the best. MY purpose is to help you not only to SEE your best SELF, but to step into BEING her. I simply can't do that without understanding why you're coming to me in the first place.

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I’m going to be channeling the beauty and strength of other women in my tribe who I so admire. One of them is my grandma Audrey, my namesake. She passed when I was five, but all who knew her remember her as a lady with so much class. Beautiful, and kind, and a little bit sassy.
When I’m gone, thats how I want to be remembered. And in the present, in this shoot, I want not just to channel her, and the other women I admire - I want to BE one of them - to prove to myself that I can live my life on my own terms NOW. I am that woman NOW.
— Audrey J
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You can imagine how my heart stopped when I read that, can't you? Creating not only a legacy she is proud to call as her own but to give her a platform to STEP INTO BEING HER MOST POWERFUL, AND AMAZING SELF and have tangible evidence in front of her from now on, until well past her dying days that SHE EXISTS/ED. Yes!!!!! (Insert all the hallelujahs, amens, and hands to the sky here please)

I couldn't start planning her session fast enough. I called Amanda at Dollbox Productions to have them do her hair and makeup for the photo shoot. Audrey already goes to Heather for her hair so OF COURSE I would have her here for the shoot! The ladies with DB do it right! Everything was perfect! Her hair did EVERYTHING we wanted it to do and her makeup...shoo! Yes please.

Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to step into your most powerful self? The woman your tribe cheers for and loves unconditionally? Let's discover her together. Reach out today. I would love to photograph you.