Raegan’s Teen Photo Session

Best thing I ever heard my daughter say with tears in her eyes “holy crap I am pretty"!”

Best thing I ever heard my daughter say with tears in her eyes “holy crap I am pretty"!”

Raegan’s mom Kim called the studio inquiring about a teen portrait session for her daughter. When we met for her design consultation we dug a little deeper into their WHY. WHY was now the perfect time for a photo shoot? Why was it important for Kim, for Raegan to have this experience?

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Don’t get me wrong, no one was shaking in their boots. In fact, I believe it was exciting for Raegan to be here in the studio with me and my team. She’s at this amazing age where she can kind of see the girl she is transitioning out of and into the woman she is becoming, but it’s confusing. Whether we realize it or not, being a teenager can royally suck sometimes. We are in a constant state of comparison with others, our bodies are reacting in ways to things that they never have before, our skin is practically melting off of our faces, and yet we have this expectation of perfection that simply is not realistic at all! And that is when it gets really tough. Because when we miss the mark on that perfection day in and day out, all we can see are the flaws; the things our body isn’t doing, how our emotions are in a never-ending roller coaster, and how we simply aren’t doing or being in any kind of state of “good enough”.

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That is where we come in. We slow everything down. We talk about the kind of artwork that SHE resonates with and how SHE hopes to be seen. We tailor a wardrobe TO her vision and collaborate together to create portraiture where she is the star. Portraiture that stays true to who she is and the woman she wants to step into being.

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Kim, thank you so much for calling us to photograph Raegan. I have adored HER and creating this beautiful imagery and am so grateful to know you both. I hope the next time we work together we have an opportunity to photograph you both together to create some incredible mother daughter portraits as well.

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Are you interested in a photo shoot for your Asheville son or daughter? We’d love the opportunity to photograph them! And YOU for that matter! Please reach out via the form below and we can get the ball rolling to schedule your personal consultation. It’s the perfect opportunity to address any questions you might have and to prepare for your photo shoot in our Asheville photo studio here at Studio 828 Photography. We look forward to meeting you!



Raegan’s Photo Shoot Experience Video