As a professional coaching business owner, Tabitha called on Cat at the studio because she understood the value of launching her brand with professional imagery. Coaching is such a personalized profession. You hold a container for your clients and care for them along their journey, whether it is in life, in their business(es), etc.


Your imagery is oftentimes your first impression, your introduction to prospective clients and when you throw up a cell phone snap in front of a tree in your backyard, guess who keeps scrolling. X out of the tab and move down the google list of offerings.

Tabitha knew not to risk that impression. Do you? Will you risk it or will you pick up the phone to call and see how we can tailor a session to you and your needs.

Photographer: Cat Ford-Coates

Hair/Makeup: Wendy Ballance, Blush Asheville

Are you interested in a portrait session designed for you? I'd love to photograph you. Subit the information below and we can get the ball rolling to see if Studio 828 Photography would be a good fit for your portrait needs.

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