I am over the moon excited about this!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, Studio 828 Photography has moved.

For the past five years I have shared studio space. I've been so lucky to have had pretty incredible studio-mates too. I've rented event space from the amazing Tressa in downtown Asheville. I've shared studio space with with the gentlemen of Massifsphere Studios and Photo Reciprocity in the river district and warehousing districts of Asheville and frankly, when this space landed practically in my lap tied with a bright red bow I had to question "Am I being Punk'd?" (is that even still a thing?

Anyhow, Studio 828 Photography has moved into her very own west Asheville studio space on North Louisiana Avenue. We have big beautiful windows and coffee if you'd ever like to come by and chat about your portrait session.

My friend Emma came by earlier this week while I was photographing some meaningful objects around the studio, one of which was a small statue of Ganesh. She saw a tiara I'd discarded from a previous setup and said "Cat, isn't it your purpose in business to help women step into their own power and abundance...put the damned tiara on Ganesh! duh?"

Ganesh - purpose in business - entrepreneur - ladybugs

So, here we are. Ganesh is also royalty. Studio 828 has moved and is ready to serve you and your portrait needs and desires. If I can in any way escort you into your more powerful self, or if you're even questioning if that is possible, I do hope you'll call. I can't wait to photograph you.