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Paige came to me from Lexington Kentucky which, coincidentally is where my Mom is from and about a 3 hour drive away. When we had her consultation, we talked about what she had in mind and was envisioning for her photo shoot one thing was very clear; she had no intention of doing what everyone else was doing for their senior photos. She wanted imagery that captured her love of makeup and everything vintage, she wanted to wear her incredible emerald gown, she wanted to look and feel beautiful, and she agreed to have me design one of her looks for her (more about that in a bit) too.

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Not only is Paige in the honor society, she is a belly dancer, a coffee lover, and a theatre tech. Her vintage vibe is very much along the lines of Dita VonTeese and Kat Von D with a little bit of my grandmother's class sprinkled in so when she agreed to have me style a look for her I didn't want to go the expected route. We had photographed a lot of that style for the rest of her shoot so I wanted to curate something that held and spoke to a love of theatre without being too contrary and typical.

My work is anything but typical.

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When I first showed her my white disco wig, I could see in her eyes that she thought I was crazy ;-) HOWEVER, she was a trooper. She trusted me just enough so that we could create a little bit of magic. I'm so glad we did.


What are you planning for your class of 2018 portraits? Something vintage, classic or traditional, outside, or something completely unexpected? Reach out. Let's chat about what you're envisioning for your photo shoot. I would love to photograph you.