Natasha’s boudoir session was more than just pretty pictures is right!

Asheville boudoir - powerful - life changing
My experience working with you was so empowering. Coming from a recent past that still looms over me where I’m constantly beat down and broken to feel like I wasn’t anything and had to be tied to this situation to even survive. This shoot showed me that those marks and scars I carried and still carry are beautiful. I gained my breath back and fell into confidence in both vulnerability and strength. Thank you again for being apart of my transformation and you will never know quite the measure of impact you and your talents have had on me since the shoot mainly because I don’t have the words to express my gratitude
— Natasha

When Natasha and I first sat down at her consultation to discuss her photo shoot concept we pretty much just hit it off and went deep, FAST! I love it when I can connect with clients so quickly. It really helps me create artistically to design a session that REALLY fits THEIR intention for their photo shoot in our Asheville studio. Natasha had been going through some pretty heavy emotional development and had decided that this session was more about reclaiming herSELF than anything else! Yeah, y’all…I am HERE for that!

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Natasha is a pretty dynamic woman. She lifts weights, she’s tall, she dances pole, and she IS RECLAIMING HER LIFE. She had lost quite a lot of weight and was using this session to not only step into appreciating who she is, but also to celebrate her weight loss. We broke it down, y’all. Beautiful lingerie pieces, a white button down, and our newest addition to the studio, a handmade gold beaded dress. I can’t EVEN with this dress!

studio wardrobe - photographer with wardrobe - studio dresses


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Do you see her transformation? Can you see it? I can. How POWERFUL is she here in this last image? She FEELS it. She FEELS beautiful. She FEELS seen. She FEELS empowered in her own self. THIS is why we use photography as the medium of choice. It isn’t ONLY about pretty portraits (though man oh man are they EVER!) but it’s about the transformation you experience moving through this process. There really is nothing like it. And then, when you trust the process enough to create artful portraiture that tells the story of who you are, how you’re feeling at this place in your life, and your vulnerability we create imagery like this…

artistic photography in Asheville - more than a portrait - boudoir
reflection - Brooklyn bridge - artistic photographer in Asheville
more than a portrait - beautiful portrait artist - photo studio in Asheville

Thank you for trusting me with your portraiture, Natasha. I have ADORED photographing you and am excited to follow along in your journey.



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