Jaime came to me for some new branding material. She is a professional here in Asheville but, she is launching her dream career as we speak. She is a certified resilience coach and has opened her practice as of this Spring.

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One of the things that comes up with many of my branding clients is that they realize how powerful portraiture really is. Of course we NEED imagery in our careers and professional lives so the general understanding is that it is important however, I feel like more often than not, we don't give ourselves enough credit.

We come to the studio because we need a headshot. But we need so much more than that, and to not honor that devalues our experience as people. No matter your lot in life, you deserve to exist in portraiture. It is the tangible proof that we are here. It's why they're the very first things we look for when someone passes away. We want, we NEED to see their faces and discuss their history, talk about the times we shared with them.

You are more than just a headshot. You are a woman, a sister, a friend, a partner, a lover of books, an athlete, an artist, a daughter. Your portraiture should showcase the many different aspects of who you are as a person to create the portfolio of YOU.

I would love to photograph you.

Photographer: Cat Ford-Coates

Hair/Makeup: Mandy Freeland

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