Linda and Steve

Steve might actually be up for the award for “Most Considerate Husband of the Year”, seriously. He called me because he’d found an article about my mentor, Sue Bryce. (For real though, ya’ll this is such an honor for me). After a little homework he discovered that she wouldn’t be able to photograph his wife however, his homework also led him to me.

I’ve been personally mentored by Sue and that credential and a few conversations, we hit it off and he was able to gift a full portrait session with me to his wife Linda (best gift ever, right?).


She and Steve drove for 2+ hours each way for her shoot on a rainy afternoon and we had a ball! She brought their favorite gala attire so they could recreate a portrait of their favorite moments.

This portrait session was such an incredible moment in my year and I hope it was for Linda too. Steve absolutely adores her and their life together and I couldn’t be more proud to help them both celebrate that together.

Location: Tressa’s Downtown Jazz & Blues, Asheville, NC

Location: Tressa’s Downtown Jazz & Blues, Asheville, NC


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