asheville photo shoot - on location - portraits

Kim and I are about the same age so we immediately clicked when she first called on me for her photo shoot. We were chatting about reinvention, and attempting to be as graceful as possible entering another year around the sun. We laughed, talked about things she loves to do, talked about her family, and of course, how she was dreaming of being photographed.

One of her biggest loves that she is rekindling is her own love of photography and architecture, especially. As I was designing her photo shoot I asked "Well, do you want to go out and about too? We aren't anchored to JUST the photo studio!" It was like a lightbulb went off. The highest wattage imaginable, really.

She's originally from Asheville (I think that makes 12 people I've met in as many years of having lived here, including my husband haha) and is balancing between this home and her home in California so, heading downtown to photograph her in the streets of Asheville was a no brainer. Our first session date was rained out but luckily we'd scheduled for a backup date the following week and after shooting in the studio, we trucked it into town.

We shot in the Grove Arcade, on teh steps of the federal building, and even in alleyways and it felt soooo good to just get out and be creative. I was getting to design a destination portrait shoot right here in western North Carolina and it was sooo wonderful. I can't even tell you...and to watch Kim light up with each new nook and cranny we found to create these beautiful portraits with her was nothing short of incredible. Every smile reminded me of why I love my work so, so much. She had a wonderful time, Mandy and I also had too much fun, and now Kim and her family have a beautiful portfolio of imagery that they can cherish for generations.

The steps of the federal building complex

The steps of the federal building complex

One of the beautiful things about portrait photography (specifically) is that it isn't 'just' about capturing the moment. It is also about embodying every aspect of your potential, the facets of yourself that you hope others see when they look at you. It's about getting outside of your comfort zone just long enough to say "I am worthy of this. I am worthy of being seen." That is what my work does for people. 

Are you interested in booking a photo shoot for yourself? Maybe with your sister, mom, or best friend? Maybe you want to kick it up a notch and head out on the town like we did with Kim too. We can absolutely make that happen. I would love to help you change the perspective in which you see yourself. It will change your life.

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