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Portraits of a Singer

When Izzi and her mom, Christi first reached out to me about her senior photos they weren't quite sure whether or not I was the right photographer. They of course, were comparing my business against other photographers in western North Carolina and weighing our styles and differences (as everyone should). After a phone call or two and a few emails we scheduled their consultation.

At the time, I was still in my former space (The Mill at Riverside in north Asheville) but we met and discussed what Izzi was envisioning, how to prepare for her session, what to expect during her photo shoot, and the kinds of artwork they were interested in. From there we scheduled her photo shoot in my new studio space in west Asheville and we were off! Izzi was my very first portrait client in my new space and I am sooo glad! 

It was so exciting, not only for she and her mom, but for me finding all the new light and wonderful places in the space.

portrait - photo shoot - girls day - tailored

I have so many favorite images with Izzi...culling them just for editing was so tough. I love the intensity she has in this image though. Izzi is SO tenacious with her art as a singer and I feel like that is perfectly showcased here. 

guitarist - musician - professional photos - artist photographer in asheville
bright imagery - powerful - portraits - class of 2018

Following Izzi's folio delivery I got a text from Christi (Izzi's mom) that was so wonderful, it made me so happy! It was a picture of her bedroom with each image individually framed and the text read:

You know you’ve done something wonderful in someone’s life when they want your work hanging above their bed...this is Izzi’s room and she is over the moon.’
— Christi Hughes

And then Izzi herself sent me her thoughts on her experience with my studio.

Cat isn’t just a photographer, she is an artist. In the world of being a singer, there are constant pressures to lose weight, show more skin, be prettier. Instead of telling me that I needed to do those things, Cat to me to ‘drink water, stay healthy, I’ll take care of the rest.’ How refreshing that was to hear. Cat offered nothing but praise during the photo shoot. In that three hour span of time she doubled my confidence.
— Izzi Hughes, Musician

Izzi and Christi, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer and trusting me to create your portraits. I am so excited to watch your career unfold and the adventures it will take you on!



relaxed portrait - calvin klein style - contemporary portrait

Seeing how my work impacts my subjects always takes me aback. I think it stems from having tangible evidence that I haven't created this business simply to have something to do everyday, or to generate income. Yes, these things matter (a girls gotta pay her mortgage) but, I empower people by showing them how they're seen by the people who love them the most. It is such a flight of freedom to be shown the version of yourself that you have in your mind. The version that you hope people see when they look at you. THAT is what I do.

How would that impact your life? How would that impact your day to day? How would that impact your future if I were to show you that your most powerful, brilliant, and wonderful self actually existed? What would that mean for you?

If you're ready to start planning your photo shoot, I would love to hear from you. We are currently booking into the holiday season at Studio 828 Photography so reach out today!

  • Photographer: Cat Ford-Coates
  • Hair & Makeup: Deidre Mattingly