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When Lauren first called on me about her portraiture, we discussed going on location and how her business needed to showcase her living this amazing life in the mountains of western North Carolina and boy did we EVER!!

We employed a driver who carried Lauren and out team from downtown Asheville, to Craggy Gardens and back again to get some really amazing backdrops and settings. Lauren's stylist came along to ensure that we had amazing choices in wardrobe, and of course myself and makeup artist Mandy brought our A game. What an adventurous day! 

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One of the things I love about developing these boutique branding campaigns is that it's never JUST about the business. The audience needs to connect with the people at the helm of a business. They have to be able to identify with them in order to develop trust. My portraiture is about connecting with the humanity and essence of the subject. The rest takes care of itself. With Lauren I wanted to stay in the vein of not only her humanity, but her femininity and love of life overall! We can see that she's joyful. That is easy. Connecting that JOY with WHO SHE IS as a whole is what creates amazing imagery for her business.

  • Car Service: Blue Ridge Limousine

  • Wardrobe Styling: Evangeline

  • Haie & Makeup: Mandy Freeland

  • Photographer: Cat Ford-Coates

Thank you so much for your business, Lauren. I ADORED photographing you and I'm so excited to see how you leverage your imagery in your business.



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