Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Gerson Lopes, a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. At a glance, you might get the impression that G is intense and serious. Let me tell you, this is not the case. G is so much fun, and while of course as a business owner and photographer he IS serious about his work, the rest is left to an almost jovial, carefree whimsy. He laughs constantly, his attention to detail is almost unparalleled, and he is friendlier than most anyone you would ever meet. I am so glad I had the opportunity to photograph him on our most recent venture into London. 

We wanted to create casual portraits that his clientele might connect with over say, something in a shiny new photo studio that could've been anywhere in the world. So, we took advantage of the beautiful architecture and light in the Old Battersea mansion (a 300 year old house initially built for naval administrator Samuel Pett in 1699).

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G, thank you so much for having me photograph you. Even in the cold of January, you were so much fun! Hope to see you again soon next time I'm in Los Angeles and I wish you ALL the best in your work!

To see Gerson's work, visit his website here! It's beautiful.

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