Equestrian portraits in western North Carolina bring my heart so much joy! There are so many young women and men who love their horses and farms, and being able to create beautiful wall art and portraiture for them makes my heart SING!

Belle's mom and I were conspiring a bit ahead of time too. Last month she called me and said, we need to be thinking about doing a shoot at the farm. Dusty (Belle's horse) was rescued by their family earlier this year and Belle is the only person Dusty has any interest in really connecting with, she's done such an amazing job. So, I recommended waiting for the snow. What a fairy tale it would be!!!

There was one caveat though; they would need to come and scoop me up. I have a rear wheel drive car and there is just no way that sucker is getting out of my neighborhood in the snow. "Not a problem!" she said. "We'll come scoop you up!" Done deal.

barn - gown - riding horses - equestrian games 2018

And scoop me up they did! Belle and her Dad came to get me and when we got to the farm it was still snowing, and HARD! I told Belle, I said "We'll have to put up a purchase order to God to slow this down a little once we're ready to shoot..." and we did and it worked! The snowfall was so much lighter once Dusty was ready and Belle had changed and oh my GOODNESS was she a trooper wearing a gown in 30 degree weather! We started in the hay loft just to warm up to the idea of being couture in the snow.

behind the scenes - ashevile hay loft - photo shoot
magazine style photo shoot - equestrian inspired - photo shoots with horses
fashion and magazine style photo shoot in a wnc barn

Now, while Belle and I were in the hay loft, her Dad was helping warm Dusty up because he was next up in the snow for our fairy tale equestrian photo shoot!

a girl and her horse - girls with horses - photo shoot - equestrian life
photo shoots with horses in asheville - equestrian - candler nc - a girl and her horse
photo snoot in the snow - western nc - a girl and her horse - photo shoot on a farm in NC
riding her horse - shoot in the snow - fairy tale photo shoots for high school seniors
magazine style - fashion inspired photo shoot - a girl and her horse - equestrian - photo shoot with riders - portrait

How do you dream of being photographed? Is it on a farm with your horses in the snow? Your companions throughout life are more than your siblings, parent, and spouses. Your animals are bonded to you for a short time. Wouldn't it be wonderful to create some beautiful wall art and portraiture with them? I would love to showcase your love for your favorite companions in my portraiture. It would be my honor.



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Belle Crouse and her horse, Dusty December 2017

Belle Crouse and her horse, Dusty December 2017