Sometimes we connect with a purpose outside of ourselves and it allows us to receive something special. Lulu is a naturopathic doctor here in Asheville and she connected with our Gift a Gown promotion. She donated her wedding dress (which is stunning and in pristine condition)! Truly, we didn't even take it out of the preservation box because I want to be sure that when donated, they're able to command top dollar.

At any rate, Lulu and I have spoken over the past year or so, off and on about creating portraits for her, so I was elated when she came in for her consultation with her wedding dress in tow. We chatted about the dress and her wedding, about her portraiture needs within her business, about the type of portraits she'd like with her husband and just laughed and had the best time!

beautiful portraits to be proud of

When she came in for her session, I couldn't believe all of the fun things she brought to wear! Vintage hats, fun evening-wear and playful dresses, and some fun professional clothing too. If you know Dr Lulu, you know she BEAMS at pretty much every opportunity! Her laughter is contagious. Between that and her generocity within her work in serving the world through her practice in downtown Asheville, she is pretty much one of my favorite people.

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Thank you Cat for an absolutely amazing day in the studio on Friday. I felt like a goddess!
— Dr Lulu Shimek
mens portraits - asheville photographer - hes never had a professional photo shoot
husband and wife - couples pictures - asheville portrait photographer

Her husband Dave joined us during the last hour or so and we got to create some great portraits of him and, beautiful couple's portraits for them as well. Husbands love how I structure couples and family portraits because they don't have to stay for the whole thing. The wives get to enjoy being pampered with professional hair and makeup, and have a fun girl's day where they are the star and the hubs comes in just at the end. I hope Dave enjoyed that too. He even told me he'd never had a photo shoot before so I was excited to really have a good time with them both!

Thank you so much Lulu & Dave! I enjoyed our photo shoot so much and your portraits are some of my favorites so far from this year!

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Are you interested in a portrait session here in our Asheville studio? Feel free to reach out for your personal consultation. We can meet in the studio for you to take a tour behind the scenes and discuss what you have in mind for your photo shoot. 

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Photography: Cat Ford-Coates

Hair and Makeup: Mandy Freeland #828Mandy