As a destination portrait photographer myself, I absolutely understand the need for branding that showcases you as more than just another photographer. So, when Katinka and I were talking about shooting together, what better place than in Venice, Italy?? 

San Marcos square - anywhere in the world -

Beautiful canals and textures everywhere! San Marco's Square, gah! Venice does not disappoint, I will say that!

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You can find Katinka's work at Katinka Tromp Photography which is based out of Rotterdam. She even has photo shoots available coming up in Paris if I'm not mistaken. If you aren't booking in with me in Paris this October, she is definitely on my list of amazing people to be photographed by, certainly!

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Where do you dream of being photographed? Along the bridges of Venice, Italy? The mountains of Pielungo, Italy? The city streets of Munich in Germany? The Trocadero in Paris? We can make any of these happen for you, just say the word.

Whether you're in need of personal branding imagery for your marketing materials or to celebrate an anniversary with the love of your life, I'd love to photograph you.

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