Fashion Inspired Senior Photo Shoots

You will never get this time with her again. She is your greatest accomplishment, and her graduation is hers. Stop this moment in time and create beautiful portraits; for you, for her, and for her future children to see the girl she was and the woman she will become. Inquire about our Asheville senior portrait sessions. We will photograph your daughter in our Asheville portrait studio and create incredible, diverse, and creative portraits for her to honor her achievements, inspiration, and zest for everything life has to offer her.

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What is included?

  • Personal concept design consultation with the photographer, Cat Ford-Coates
  • Professional hair and makeup styling
  • Photo shoot in our Asheville portrait studio in 5 different looks
  • In person viewing and ordering session
fashion inspired portraits - editorial senior pictures

How does she dream of being photographed? What does she LOVE?

styling for asheville high school senior pictures

Each of these looks were created during a photo shoot in our Asheville photo studio, all in the same afternoon. Cat Ford-Coates styled this shoot based on meeting with Belle and creating these incredible images that she will carry for more than a lifetime. This photo shoot was designed specifically with her in mind.

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What does your daughter love? Belle lives on a farm and has horses, but also carries a deep love of fashion. She's been walking on air since our photo shoot and rightfully so!! She is such a wonderful young woman and I am so grateful to have helped document this time in her life.

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lets chat about wardrobe. What do you dream of wearing (or dream of your daughter wearing)?
Please note that a parent or guardian must be present on set with any portrait client under 18. Are you a high school student? or are you a parent inquiring for your child?
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