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I don't have anything to wear for a photoshoot


I don't have anything to wear for a photoshoot

“I don’t have anything to wear for a photo shoot. Help!” We hear this all the time. Go ahead, take a breath. Preparing for a photo shoot can sometimes feel overwhelming. I’ve been there, not just as a photographer but as a client too. You think to yourself “Oh this will be so much fun!” and “I haven’t had a professional portrait made since my wedding.” and then you look into your closet and it stops you in your tracks. “Oh…now I remember WHY I haven’t.” Your closet is filled to the brim with a whole bunch of dresses and outfits… for work. Borrrrrrring. Or…”None of my beautiful clothing fits anymore.”

I hear that.

Let’s take it through, step by step.

You’ve found a photographer and you love their photography portfolio. She seems really nice, and has given you all of this advice about how to dress in photos: textures like lace, velvet, and chiffon are beautiful in portraits. You start poking around in your closet and realize that the nicest outfit that you own IS your wedding dress, or worse yet, some god awful bridesmaids dresses that you wore 15 years ago. Everything else is covered in patterns or doesn’t fit right anymore and your heart sinks. Sure, you can handle the part where you show up with a clean face and dry hair, and getting a mani-pedi the week of your shoot but, what on earth are you going to wear???

First: decide on the style of photo shoot that works best for you.

  • are you drawn to a Calvin Klein type of look with a white tank top and jeans?
  • maybe you prefer fun sequins or flowing dresses?
  • you’re in need of new branding for your business but, you aren’t sure how to tie in your “work” attire to the high end clients you’re working to attract and connect with?
  • is your shoot a gift for your special someone and you’re thinking that something with implied nudity or vintage lingerie is the way to go?

There are many ways to go about this.

  1. jeans and a white tank top. I think we can all wrap our heads around that I think
  2. Clothing Rental: Rent the Runway , what a wonderful place! You know that you would love some seriously beautiful Hollywood style glamour for your portraits but, you also aren’t trying to spend $3000 on new gowns for your photo shoot. When will you wear them again? That is why RTR is one of my favorite resources! Beautiful designer pieces whether you’re shopping for stunning gowns or polished business attire for the sophisticated and chic fashionista.
    1. And, if you’re unsure of what to choose, we can absolutely take measurements and order the perfect outfits for you. You name the budget, choose your favorite colors and styles and BAM! Wardrobe is taken care of!
  3. Maybe you want to OWN some beautiful new clothing. You’re upping your style game and you’re ready to add to your collection. Here are some options below for fabulous resources:
    1. Asos – Perfectly feminine collections. From their house brand to Needle and Thread, Asos is FAB! A little on the pricier side of things but the quality is absolutely worth every stitch.
    2. – Super fun and fem also but the quality isn’t quite as high. Dresses are ideal for photo shoots, prom, and the one night wedding guest.
  4. Vintage style lingerie is a little trickier. For this, I recommend:
    1. Dollhouse Bettie – great introduction to the history of lingerie and designers. Their corset selection is small but beautifully femme
    2. What Katie Did – larger selection and some styles to die for!
    3. We can also pose you, beautifully backlit on a mattress with a white sheet for those looking for the more implied style. It is simply beautiful!

I hope this info has helped you feel a little more comfortable about the many options available to you for your photo shoot. It isn’t as scary as you might think and there are so many options! We would love to help design your photo shoot for you and would love to chat about how you’re envisioning being photographed!


I have nothing to wear for a photo shoot


I have nothing to wear for a photo shoot

“I have nothing to wear for a photo shoot!” Yeah, I’ve said it too. When you look in your closet and start thinking about how you’ll have these portraits forever, and “Dear Lord…I wear THAT in Public?”

It is a common misconception that portrait clients have gobs and gobs of beautiful clothing. Don’t get me wrong, so many of my clients come into the studio with some really killer outfit options but, others…not quite the variety. I am the latter, trust me! I turned up to a photo shoot just last week with about 6 outfits and they were: black, black, heather gray, black, black, and cream…and the cream-colored piece was actually a tablecloth. Seriously. No really, black might as well be a uniform in my world.

You know what I hadn’t considered until it was too late? (And by too late, I mean 2 days before my shoot) Wardrobe rentals. No really, it’s a thing! I rented a GORGEOUS Halston gown for my brother’s wedding last Spring. It was great because I could wear this beautiful, contemporary gown and not even have to worry about dry cleaning it. It was insured through the rental company so while I took a tide pen along with me, I knew that if i DID spill any wine on it, it wasn’t the end of the world. It was great! I was able to be stylish and modern, have a wonderful time with my family and friends, and actually ENJOY the evening instead of worrying about the giant credit card bill coming on the dress I just spent hundreds of dollars on for something I’d wear once, maybe even twice in my lifetime. Talk about a relief and what a great night!

Ladies, I introduce to you, Rent the Runway.

Benefits of RTR:

  • You can wear beautiful designer clothing: dresses, blouses, skirts, accessories, skirts, and more.
  • no dry cleaning
  • affordable
  • shipping included
  • no high dollar price-tag on an outfit you’ll wear once or twice in your entire life
  • secondary backup size for no extra charge
  • Did I mention NO DRY CLEANING?

So, when you book your photo shoot and receive all of our helpful tips and tricks on what to look for, what to wear and how to prepare for your portrait session you can rest assured, you really can and will look fabulous.

Our Recommendations:

  • Form Fitting – Yup, ladies I said it out loud. Form fitting clothing will photograph the best. Hey, I’m the first to admit that I sometimes wear clothing that “floats away from the body” – poppycock! It’s not concealing anything in fact, its ADDING to your body line. Yeah, I learned that the hard way after wearing this super great shirt and then someone photographed me wearing it and I realized that it just about swallowed me whole and gifted me an extra thirty pounds or so. Guess what? That shirt is now banished to pajama-land.
  • Texture – Lace, fur, leather, sequins, velvet – oh it’s so pretty! I love texture! It photographs so beautifully. My rule is “texture over print” – NO busy &/or crazy prints! And if you are thinking of prints, you have a favorite shirt for example, then pair it with solid accessories to calm it down: a jacket or blazer, vest, or cardigan. This way, the print will pop like a color but it isn’t so distracting that the viewer forgets they are looking at a person.