Cat Ford-Coates is working more and more with the ballet dance community in Asheville, Los Angeles, and even in Italy. "It's been this lifelong dream to be able to honor my love of this craft. I find it absolutely mesmerizing and I love that I get to create artwork with dancers today."

Loving ballet and jazz deeply as a child, Cat left the dance community as children often do but it always pulled at her heart strings. Today she photographs dancers all over the world to create incredible, artful pieces for them to cherish in their lives. "They are the most dedicated artist I've ever known. There is no STOP for a dancer, everything they do is tied to their craft in some way. How could you NOT want to honor that and create portraiture that will outlive us all?" says Cat. 

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Are you interested in creating beautiful portraits of your craft as a dancer? I would love to photograph you. Reach out today so we can chat about what you're envisioning for your photo session with me.

  • Photographer: Cat Ford-Coates
  • Ballerina: Kayla Mutterer, Los Angeles
  • Music: Caity Copley
  • Videographer: Caitlin Timmins