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Hey mom! OK, I am going to cut right to the chase. I am not the photographer you call for that one-off image you need for the yearbook. We can absolutely shoot that during their session, but if that is all you’re looking for, there are a sea of photographers here in western North Carolina that can do that for you. However, I AM the Photographer you call when you want to create something your kid and their kids will cherish for a lifetime; EPIC, amazing, incredible imagery that will help you celebrate this time in their lives with them with fervor and pride. If that sounds like an experience you want to create with your high school senior, I welcome the opportunity.

If you’d like to learn about how being photographed as a teen affected me and my trajectory in life, check out this blog post here. Being seen by that Photographer and having it not only be expected that I be present but not surprising that I feel beautiful and confident allowed me to step into being a version of myself that the bullies couldn’t touch. Their “truths” (opinions and attacks) about me and who I am were no longer true because I had experienced an objective POV from a stranger that said otherwise. Being photographed changed my life.

behind the scenes - blue ridge parkway senior photo shoot - Asheville seniors - class of 2020

We’ll start at the studio with a design consultation to determine what makes them tick, the kinds of imagery they’re attracted to in the first place, the kinds of artwork you want to hang in your home, and what THEY have in mind and then the day of their photo shoot, we include hair and makeup at the studio and a photo shoot in several looks. You are also welcome to wear any of the pieces we have in our studio wardrobe (over 300 pieces of beautiful, modern, and chic gowns). If we determine that going on location is what’s needed, we’ll shoot some in the studio and then take it on the road to whichever location we’ve decided on together.

Did I mention that we have this parachute skirt in house in our studio wardrobe?

Did I mention that we have this parachute skirt in house in our studio wardrobe?

About two weeks following their photo shoot, you will all come back into the studio to choose your favorites for your order. I will curate a selection for you to choose from (20-30 images typically) in which I do a full magazine style retouch so you can actually SEE a finished product before making any decisions and then you decide together which are your favorites and how you would like to see them as artwork for your walls at home.

If this sounds like something you would like to create with your son or daughter, I do hope you’ll call. I would love to photograph them. We are currently booking April - July.

I would LOVE to learn more about a session with you!

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