gown - vogue - vanity fair - portrait - not just another snapshot

My first middle name is Vanessa. It isn't as common a name as you might think, either. I've met maybe 3 people in my entire life with the name so when she reached out about booking a photo session, I got excited. (It's the little things ya know)

One of the things I really loved about working with Vanessa is her love of couture. Her sense of style is unlike anything I've ever known in the really real world. In Vanity Fair or Vogue? Sure. Absolutely. So it was fascinating to me when she brought these incredible pieces to the studio for her session. Some which even bend a few of my rules and they turned out so beautifully too. 

flower backdrop - portrait - photo shoot - model for a day

When Vanessa told me she was from Charlotte, I asked how she found me here in Asheville (about 1-2 hours away) and she said that she studied several websites for photographers in the Charlotte area but none of them really rang true for her until she came across mine. She and her family were coming to western North Carolina on vacation so we found a date that suited our schedules and booked her in.

Take a minute to check out her entire experience here in the studio with photographer, Cat Ford-Coates. 

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