Dream Into It

on location portraiture - prairie

One of the things that has been tugging at my stomach lately is the desire to grow. And, I don’t necessarily mean grow a little bit or see something a slightly differently, I mean drastically shift my process. Some days I can keep it at bay, and others it feels like theres a creature inside me wanting to burst out like the alien…mostly though, mostly its like a low scratch itching away at my brain. Not like chalkboard but like knife on metal, rusty metal.

Oh art.

long exposure - photography at night - visit your ghosts

Well, when the opportunity came up for me to study under someone whom I respect as an artist, and whom I know to SEE with heart, I jumped at the chance! This man is Parker Pfister. He and I are both actually from Asheville but, until last year hadn’t even met. We didn’t really know one another. I had faith though ;-) I knew that if I trusted his process and flex a little into my own dreamscape and ability, I’d be happy with the outcome.

Thank you, Parker. I love how you see the world!

Thank you, Parker. I love how you see the world!

I won’t delve into his teaching methodology for our course last week but it did allow me to completely immerse myself into a new environment and away from all the distractions; from staff, from clients (no offense), from vendors, from family even and focus on me and what my art is and wants to become. It also forced me to let go. I won’t go into too much detail but my theme for the week was “Surrender”. It was fitting to say the least...

I found it a little funny that I travelled with light and random wardrobe from the studio and I used this glammish bronze number (pictured below and covered in mud haha) and a piece of red fabric. I didn’t even touch the rest. That’ll learn me for next time now won’t it? Haha! That light that John Nelson is holding there isn’t even mine. It’s part of his Profoto setup! Learn to travel light, Cat, jeez!

Behind the Scenes from the Parker Pfister workshop in the Badlands of South Dakota

Behind the Scenes from the Parker Pfister workshop in the Badlands of South Dakota

Everything at this workshop in South Dakota was from this place of intention. This place of NOT glamorous and sleek, but soulful and honest. There were ghosts, both in camera and internally. My past certainly showed right the hell up and sat next to me as if we were school children on a playground. I am even still wrestling with that piece of history in my heart and how it correlates in this place, and in this work.

incorporating heart into work - photography - silhouette

It’s time to grow. In my process. In my SELF. And I would say that Parker’s influence is allowing me to dream into that place with more significance and purpose than I’ve allowed myself in the past. I welcome it and how my work and business will grow from this experience. For now I’ll need to just stay in wonder and see what happens…