One of the things I am loving about the evolution of my work as an artist is that the state of my business is a reflection of the state of me. "OK Cat, what does that actually mean in the really real world?" It means that as I look to my work, if it isn't inspiring for me then my bookings fall off. Truly, there is a direct correlation between my creation (personally or in business) and my booking calendar. Well, with a little introspection that led me to try and define what it might take for me to stay on an inspired track and I came up with a new offering for my portrait clients; The Illustrative Portrait". This can be incorporated into one of the looks we choose to do during your portrait session and is based on your loves, hobbies, history, interests, etc.

When I started diving into structuring this new offering I looked to my own history to base it off of. Many of you know that I was in the food and beverage industry for many years (over a decade) and, there are some things for me personally that I hold around that time in my life that I am incredibly grateful for and some things that I have some shame around as well.

Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are YOU NOT to be great?
— Nelson Mandela

That isn't to start a pity parade. Far from it in fact. I decided to look to that time in my life as inspiration because I need a way to process both ends of that spectrum in gratitude and shame so that I can OWN that history. It is my history and has helped shape me to the person I am today. 

illustrative portrait - asheville photographer - portrait inspiration

The first chapter in these illustrative portraits is to embrace that chapter of my life and create art with it, all of it. If you are interested in creating some artwork with me, I would love to hear from you. Do these vintage ads resonate with you? With your life? Would you like to recreate some of this imagery with me? I welcome your call.

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