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Fitness inspired portraiture was something I was recently asked about. Do I shoot it? Do I photograph men? What makes mine different was the question that really sparked me. My portraiture is soulful, it's about honoring the legacy of my subject. How might I connect that with anyone looking to document their own transformation?

Working out is a thing ya'll. It takes incredible determination, will-power, and self-awareness to really create that for yourself. It isn't just about running 8 miles and then getting back to your "normal life" of eating pizza and drinking beer. There is both science and art in redefining your physical self. I'm in awe of it constantly. But, how can I honor that for my clients without "just shooting"? I never "just shoot". It's a no-no. But, that's for an entirely different conversation.

For my clients that are reaching milestones in their journey, that are interested in creating portraiture that really speaks to them now, in 20 years, and to their children 60 years from now I've decided that in order to connect these victories they are experiencing today WITH the process and work that is required we should, at least for part of the photo shoot go a little darker. What is the saying? "It is always darkest before the dawn?" Yes. When you are so rigorous with yourself, there is excitement, yes. But there is also a personal "Comin to Jesus" (if you will), a private conversation and that is where this portraiture lies, within that conversation. 

If you are interested in honoring your transformation, I would love to speak with you. Let's talk about how we can create your legacy with a portrait session tailored to your dream and your vision.


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