Family portraits. Angela asked herself when the last time was that she and her family had commissioned family portraits and realized that her children will never be this age again. They will not grow smaller, but more beautiful and taller. Her girls will grow into being young women and then adults getting married and creating families of their own. 

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She and her husband watched as we created individual portraits of the girls as well in the studio and you could see them envisioning the girls as not only their daughters, but the women they will become.

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When was the last time your family was photographed? I would bet that it's been longer than a while hasn't it? Just keep in mind that your children and grandchildren will look to your portraits and not see all the flaws and imperfections that we see in ourselves. The things we try to teach our daughters not to see in their own reflections. All anyone sees is the love they experienced with you. The woman you are.

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