destination portrait shoot - incorporating architecture - your beauty

In creating beautiful portraits for destination images, Oli and I took to the streets of Barcelona to find captivating spaces, nooks and crannies to shoot it. Man! How fun was THAT? Of course, Oli is simply stunning and a style maven to boot so going into our photo shoot together in Spain, I knew we would come up with amazingness!!!

Oli is a personal stylist based in Munich, Germany; a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a woman that knows how to go after what it is that she wants. I LOVED photographing her and can't wait to shoot her again when we go to London, UK in January! 

Thank you so much, Oli! Your sultry glamorous self is EVERYTHING!!! <3

on location - destination portraiture - experience of a lifetime


Oh, speaking of London, we have two dates still available January 16 and 17th in one of the greatest cities in the world!!! Are you interested in having the portrait experience of a lifetime? I would LOVE to photograph you!! Reach out today.