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As a curvy woman myself, I definitely get the "when I lose x amount of weight" reasoning. I recently saw myself in photos and wasn't exactly "pleased" at what was staring back at me. Initially, I immediately fell back into the "no carbs ever again" mentality (Cmon, we all do it) and then I dug a little deeper. Look, I have been different sizes all of my life. At one point, even too thin and at every chapter of my weight, I've always thought to myself "I can be smaller". I would avoid social gatherings, pictures to the point where evidence of years are now missing from my life. YEARS. How crazy is that?

Frankly, eff that. I'm not saying don't make healthy choices. We all have to live with ourselves; mind, body, and spirit. But at the end of the day, I am not going to stop living my life or appreciating and celebrating who I am as a person because my favorite pair of jeans isn't fitting right or, heck, even getting up over my thighs.

This is what I hope I am able to impart to every single person that I photograph. Your beauty isn't about your dress size. It's about WHO YOU ARE as a person. It is about how you choose to live your life, who you love, how you serve the world around you. I reflect HER back to you. I remind you that SHE is valuable. I create beautiful portraiture OF that woman so that you, your children, your spouses can look back on her at any time to be reminded not only of her, but of how she loves them.

In Barcelona a few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Rebecca. This woman...I can't even tell you. She is inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for having me photograph you, Rebecca. Thank you for your transparency in empowering not only yourself during your photo shoot but, your words may empower others to do the same.



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Rebecca Wipp Ovin

"I don’t wake up every day, jump out of bed, look myself in the mirror and just feel “Well, hello there, Gorgeous.” . Being curvy girl you are repeatedly told throughout your life that you are not beautiful. At least not AS beautiful as you would be if you were “skinny” or ever “normal”. Even when you realize that you are truly are the perfect size you want to be you still have to suffer through a life time of horrendous bad pictures in angles that make ýour double chin look like a seven chin! And we’re not even going to talk about being tagged in an image on facebook. Pure fear!

That is why it is an absolute joy to be photographed Cat at Studio 828 Photography. Because she

  1. Knows exactly how to pose everyone to their absolute best
  2. Is a master at making you feel comfortable (for example making someone drop all their clothes…)
  3. Let’s face it, she is pretty awesome!

I am so happy about my portraits and I would choose to photographed by Cat any day but most of all, I am happy that I allowed myself to be and feel beautiful. Everyone should.

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