Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Hair and Makeup: Daisy Chavers, Love, Daisy Salon

Celebrating 40 with everything you are! Nicole came to Studio 828 Photography with her daughter for a portrait session. Instead of shirking away from her birthday, she is embracing it in all it’s glory and creating a beautiful memory with her daughter.


I always love it when moms bring in their daughters for their session. We play dress up and have fun in the studio but, little do the daughters know that in the game of “girl’s day” we are actually teaching them the value of SELF. She and her mother now, will have beautiful portraits for a lifetime. Portraits of the day. Portraits of their love for one another. Portraits they can both, always look back on to find the spark in their eyes.

When I delivered Nicole’s folio, she was going through the images and there is an image of her daughter she simply adores and she looks up and says to me “Now, I’ll always be able to remember her just like that…” It is so true. Have you ever had a memory, you thought for sure would be bright and bold in your thoughts forever? And then, little by little, that memory fades? It gets filed back in your subconscious behind all of the new bright and bold memories you make as time moves on.

Don’t wait. Celebrate everything you are, right now. Exist in photos for and with the people you love.

Beautiful portraits of a daughter

Beautiful portraits of a daughter

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