If you have been following me or Studio 828 Photography, you know that I’ve been 110% immersed in a continuing education program called, 28 Days with Sue Bryce. For other photographers out there that are considering a contemporary portrait specialty in their studio, I cannot recommend this enough. To all of the models that I have worked with over the past 29 weeks, I am incredibly humbled by each of you. I am so thankful to have been able to give you imagery that you love and that you were there for me to help me come closer to mastering my craft. And Sue, you have given so much to the photographic community and to me personally within this virtual mentor-ship through the Facebook groups and via CreativeLive…I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Is it a cakewalk? Not even a little bit. Is 28 Days expensive? Only if you don’t do the work. Can I just subscribe to her site instead? Sure you can but it won’t be the same. The beauty of the subscription service on Sue’s site is that when paired with 28 Days, you simply get THAT much better both as an artist and in business. SueBryce.com is the protein shake, 28 Days is the workout.

There are a few courses to finish that cover logistics and philosophy (the shooting is complete) but, I couldn’t help to share some of the beautiful imagery I’ve been able to create this year because of 28 Days with Sue Bryce on CreativeLive. I’ve met some amazing people and pushed my own boundaries to really make the best of my skills and talent to provide a better service and quality in product. I’m looking forward to creating the business of my dreams and the ball is already rolling.

One of the amazingly great side effects of working through this program is creating bonds “on the inside” from others doing the work, the same as you. I’ve connected with several wonderful and talented women (and a handful of men) on this journey and yesterday had the opportunity to go to Columbia to meet another student face to face, have a delicious lunch (because, duh!) and trade mini shoots in her natural light studio in Lexington SC. It was so great to connect outside of the interwebs, truly. She and her husband are a fantastic team and they work out of their home (I might be a little jealous there haha) to create some beautiful work for their clients. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Lauren Gregory of Lauren Gregory Photography.




My personal journey in completing 28 days with Sue Bryce on Creative Live.

My personal journey in completing 28 days with Sue Bryce on Creative Live.