The close of another year and, just wow.

I have to pinch myself sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, this year was tough. At times, I wasn’t sure how, if, or when I’d come out the other side but occasionally, you have trouble seeing the forest through the trees. Looking back on 2015, holy cow!

What. A. Year.

One of the greatest parts about my work is that I am able to celebrate the wonderful, and inspiring people who I have the privilege of photographing. I get to meet these amazing women, leading such incredible lives with their families and loved ones and just, even for a moment, show them how incredible and beautiful they are! These women are professionals, artists, home-makers, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and the one thing they all have in common? They are all, each and every one of them, givers. They give of themselves in every way.

Thank you, universe. Thank you for this life. This one, right here! This life where I am so lucky, and so blessed to be able to live a life that I love, creating art with such an amazing community. I am an artist, a mentor, a student, a wife and loving every moment. Cheers, 2016. Welcome.

Here is to another great year. A year I welcome with open arms. A year full of goals, planning, fulfillment, introductions, exodus, learning, abundance, security, and freedom.