Personal branding for the inspired professional.

Meet, Maggie Marie.


She was an absolute joy to photograph! As a small business owner, she is rebranding her copywriting business and was interested in showcasing her own persona as the face of her business. As many of you know, your first impression is not made on the consultation or the work, or even in the delight of your current client base (though, that absolutely helps!).

Your first impression is made when your potential client somehow connects with you, with your image, with your brand. In a single image your readership will judge whether you’re professional, delightful, quirky, lazy, friendly, ambitious, and yes, authentic. What does your current head shot or branding profile say about you?

I loved every second of working with Maggie. Her work is inspiring, her words are crafted and her spirit is limitless.

Thank you Maggie.

Are you interested in taking your branding to the next level? Please feel to reach out here for your personal consultation to design the brand you want for your presence.