BE Masterful is a Virtual Masterminding Program hosted by Cat Ford-Coates

owning your expertise - building the business of your dreams

BE Masterful

Accountability, support, grace, and of course mastery. Masterminding with entrepreneurs and professionals determined to build not only businesses, but empires.

As Tony Robbins says, "you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with." Is that your kids and employees? Or is that a force of entrepreneurs defining their own success?

Cat Ford-Coates, Barcelona, Spain. Image courtesy of You Are Stunning Photography


What is a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind: a meeting of highly ambitious and motivated individuals insistent upon playing a bigger game in their businesses. 

This Mastermind is for Entrepreneurs and other Professionals who are:

  • intent on breaking glass ceilings and reaching new sales goals in 2018

  • open to being vulnerable and transparent about their businesses in a group setting

  • comfortable with non-disclosure about the sensitive nature of content


BE Masterful is Virtual

We are a rotating group of conscious and ambitious individuals who connect online to address challenges, celebrate successes, and create accountability in our business

  • We gather monthly, via Zoom each month and Mastermind the current challenges in our business(es)

  • private Facebook group connects us daily for support and accountability

BE Masterful begins in July 2019 and a 3 month or 6 month commitment is required.  


Who is BE MASTERFUL for?

Be Masterful is for Portrait Photographers who have reached that first level following startup where they:

  • have a substantial sales average but want more (volume or a higher price tag)

  • need accountability to maintain consistency in their efforts

  • desire community because frankly, we love our friends and family but they just don’t get it

  • want to cut through the victim bullshit and BE IN BUSINESS

Who is Cat Ford-Coates?

Cat Ford-Coates is a business owner based in western North Carolina. She has been in business for seven years+ in her current ideation of portrait photographer and also has an extensive history in the food & beverage industries, and brewing as well. She took her business from an average of $1,000 in sales per month to an average of $30,000 in sales per month as a "one woman show" and is building her team to reach half a million in sales for 2019, and 1 million by 2021. She is a natural leader and doesn't pull punches. When you work with Cat directly you can expect that she will hold you accountable to your mindset, action items, and help you to see the bigger picture as your grow your business.

Be masterful Participants have the option to join my bi-annual business retreat
at 30% off!  

The retreat is a 4 day/3 night event and includes

  • shared lodging + one meal per day

  • a beer & wine meet & greet on the first night

  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching with Cat during the retreat.

  • the opportunity to self-direct your time to reconnect with your purpose and align with your own forward movement.

    • Examples: address new business or marketing plan, analyze sales trends, work on your new novel, photograph the sunset. You can also host appointments to introduce others by appointment to your own products or services during your stay.

You will receive a coupon code for this retreat, once you are enrolled in Be Masterful. 

Are you in?

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IMPORTANT: By signing up for this program, you are agreeing to keep all information that you learn about the lives and businesses of other participants COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.  You can't even tell your mom. Ok?  Ok. You also agree that all payments are final and non-refundable.